Time spent acting up into consultant duties may be recognised towards a training programme leading to the award of a CCT in paediatrics and sub-specialty recognition, if appropriate, subject to a number of conditions. Trainees will need to seek approval from the RCPCH through their Regional Advisor and Head of School before taking up the post for it to count towards the CCT.

Trainees who wish to act up as a consultant must be in a post that:

  • Is 3 months* (with the a maximum of 6 months at the discretion of the Head of School)
  • The post is approved:
    • prospectively by College/Faculty procedures (see Acting Up Approval form)
    • the educational supervisor must submit a report at the end of the period
    • doctors in training will retain their National Training Number during the period of acting up
    • doctors in training who are post CCT will not be eligible to 'Act Up' but will be expected to take up the post as Locum Consultant. Upon taking a Locum Consultant post they will be asked to resign their National Training Number (NTN)
  • The post must be:
    • in the same deanery/LETB
    • in the final year of the CCT programme
    • the trainee must have had satisfactory ARCP outcomes including an outcome 1 at ST7 (for those who entered level 3 training after Sept 2011 this will include having completed START and discussed it at ARCP)
    • an appropriate level of supervision must be arranged with a named educational supervisor to whom the trainee can turn for advice and assistance if needed
    • If the period is at the end of the final year of the training programme, a recommendation for the award of a CCT will not be made until the report from the educational supervisor has been received
    • in a substantive post ie not covering a locum consultant post.
    • In an already approved GMC Local Education Provider

* pro rata for flexible trainees