Welcome to the Pediatric Less Than Full Time Training (LTFT) page, by following the links below you will find useful information on all you need to know about how to apply and policies and procedures for applying and working as a LTFT trainee.

Flexible working and Less Than Full Time (LTFT) training is well supported within Paediatrics, particularly in the South West. We trust that our links will help direct you through the application process, legislation surrounding LTFT working and logistics of continuing training part time.

Dr Sian Ludman (Consultant Paediatrician, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital) is the Peninsula LTFT trainee advisor, Dr Marie Wheeler (Consultant Paediatrician, Gloucester)is the Severn LTFT trainee advisor.

The Postgraduate Deans representative is Joseph Campbell in Peninsula and Becky Trainer in Severn.






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Returning to Work After a Period of Leave

Paediatric Return to Work Flowchart

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Useful links:

Less Than Full Time Policy

Paediatric Less Than Full Time Training Guide