The Academy of Royal Colleges recommends that there is an assessment of doctors on return to practice after an absence of more than 3 months. The Return to work scheme reflects this but can be opted into for absences less than 3 months if trainee or Educational Supervisor feel it is necessary. Trainees returning after a period of ill health may have a phased return plan organised through occupational health, which will take precedence.

The Peninsula & Severn Paediatrics have based a scheme developed by the Wessex PGME and Health Education West Midlands.


Before the period of absence:


Form 1 should be completed 1 month before the trainee doctor is due to go on absence by the trainee doctor and their Educational Supervisor. If a sudden absence occurs then it should be completed at a mutually convenient time.

Pre-Absence Meeting with  Discussion  Completion of Form 1 
Educational Supervisor Keeping up-to-date (Pre-Absence form) 
  Use of Keeping in touch (KIT) days Upload to ePortfolio
  Any Other concerns/ needs   


Pre Return to Work

The trainee must contact his / her Educational Supervisor (or nominated deputy) to arrange an initial review, initially as a face to face meeting, 6 -8 weeks PRIOR to the estimated return date. This allows time for necessary adjustments to be made to the rota.

Pre- return to work meeting  Discussion Completion of  Form 2 
with educational supervisor Any specific learning needs, period of observation, rota issues/ early on-call (Pre return to work Form)
  Use of kit days  Upload to ePortfolio
  Up-to-date with courses   
  Are they planning to become LTFT  
  Any other concerns/ needs   

Post Return to Work

The trainee must contact his / her Educational Supervisor to arrange a Post return to Work review, as a face to face meeting, 2-3 weeks after to their return date. This form is different to their Initial placement meeting as a Post Return to Work meeting is to review the trainees progress with respect to a time of absence, however it could be done at the same time as the Trainee initial meeting.

Post return to work meeting Discussion Completion of Form 3 
With educational supervisor (ES) Summary of ePortfolio entries & assessments   (post return to work Form) 
  Overall progress and outstanding concerns upload to ePortfolio
  Sign off of forms by Trainees & ES