Role Contact
Head of School Dr Giles Richardson

Deputy Postgraduate Dean

Dr Hiu Lam
School Manager Joseph Campbell
School Administrator Vacant
 Training Programme Directors

ST1 - ST3 Trainees - Dr Helen Channer

ST4 - ST8 Trainees - Dr David Bartle

  College Tutors

Plymouth - Dr Catherine Derry

Exeter - Dr Nicola O'Shea

Torbay - Dr James Dearden

Cornwall - Dr Katy Huxstep

Barnstaple - Dr Azar Mohamed

 Less than Full - time Representative, Medical Lead Dr Sian Ludman
 Community Training Lead


 Trainee Representatives

ST1 - ST3 - Dr Rachel tattersall and Dr Eva Wooding

ST4 - ST5 - Dr Christopher Black and Dr Alicia Regan

ST6 - ST8 - Dr Annabel Baines

LTFT Rep - Dr Chloe Bulwer

CCH Rep - Dr Rihab Yassin

RCPCH Representative - Dr Jennifer Merison-Hort

IMG Represntative - Dr Hana Bashir

Simulation Lead

Dr Maria Tsakmakis